“I wanted freedom, Bound and restricted; I tried to give you up, But I’m addicted”

Surprisingly enough, I have found myself falling in love with MUSE. I saw them perform once, and while I did go in there not really favoring their music, I left the event completely astounded by the talent and energy. I am not typically a fan of larger venues… I prefer something more like a lounge (I hate when elbow skin touches me). However the energy during this particular show was intense and captivating and unlike anything I had felt at a show before. This was a few years back.

Today, I turned on the wonderful invention known as Spotify and happened to accidentally play a MUSE song, “Time is Running Out”. It has been about 20 minutes since playing that song and I now have several of their songs on a playlist. I have no idea what happened.

Anyways, I’m not going to bore you with the details of my last…two years… (wow!), so I updated very vaguely RIGHT HERE if you are that curious. Here, we will just move forward as if it never happened….

I know there have been a few times that I have mentioned actually doing something with my life here and there throughout the history of this blog, but I am happy to inform you all that I have finally made the leap and actually got all registered and set for school. Plenty of PSYCH classes in my future! Hopefully, the next couple years move quickly as I am considering relocating and am too excited to just accept time moving at a snails pace.

Let’s talk about lists.

I have this list notebook that I carry around in my purse. I also have one by my bed for when I can’t sleep, one in my desk drawer in case I get too stressed and one in my car in case I think of something I need to write down. I like lists. They help me relieve boredom, reduce anxiety, recover from a bad mood and help me wind down. The reason I bring this up is because I have done a lot of lists here… all top tens or top fives. I have decided to create a page for my “Bucket List” as well. Kind of a way to hold myself accountable I guess? Perhaps having it up online will give me a tad bit more motivation to accomplish them. We’ll see.

Until next time, goodnight World!


Finding a purpose…

Well… another sleepless night with a brain that just won’t relax. This seems to be common these days. Only a few months ago I was going to bed at 10 each night. No excuses. Two nights ago I found myself still awake at 330 in the AM. I wake up several times in the night, each time finding it hard to fall asleep again. I told myself it’s because I had to pee, or because the cats won’t let me sleep or because I haven’t felt good, or because I just can’t enough of Brothers & Sisters. But is it really that simple?

We found a new home for our cats. I’m not sick anymore. The show I’m watching is getting a little old. The pee problem hasnt gone away yet. But here I am, still awake. My eyes are heavy and I keep yawning…but I realized my problems is none of the above.

Ever since graduating High School, I have applied to college over and over. Same with financial aid. I keep thinking I am going to go and then never do. One of these days the government is going to stop saying yes and start saying no. Everyone is going to lose faith in me. Actually, I think I am losing faith in myself.

I keep saying I want to be a stay at home mom. That I dont want a higher education and a career. To be honest, with myself and with everyone around me…. Im lying. I do want to be a mommy. But Im not yet. And even when I do get to that point, they wont be small forever. Only a few years before they start going to school… and then what? I just sit at home and wait for possible calls from the teacher?

I dont know how or when this happened…but this has turned into a struggle for me. I am realizing more and more that I want something more. I want to accomplish something in life besides being a wife and mother. Yes I do aspire to that. Yes it is what I want most in life..but that doesn’t mean I cant want more. Do more. Be more.

So I took a career assessment test a few minutes ago. I have already decided I want to go to school but it is really hard to pick a specific field when there are so many options out there. Deciding what is best for me seems to be one of the most difficult decisions ever. All through school I actually wanted to be a teacher. I decided recently that this could become very mundane for me, very fast. It’s simply not for me. So something I have gained a strong interest in is Social Work. It would be hard, but fulfilling.

According to my career assessment test, I would do best in the medical field. Apparently this test only gives you one option because there was no other career possibility that seemed suited for me according to how I answered the questions.

Food for thought I guess.

I have said time and time again that I want to do this or that and I change my mind a lot. This seems to have made it so that people don’t think I will do anything at all, or that I shouldnt because I might not stick with it. I should point out that this is an important decision. Changing my mind is okay. With the first two years being really general, I not only have that time to decide, but I am also allowed to realize a career choice is not for me and choose something else. How disappointing it is to feel like the people who matter, really just don’t believe in me at all. Well, soon enough something will change. Until then, I have my job at SendOutCards to hold me over for the time being. A job I love that just doesn’t satisfy me in the way I am ready to be satisfied.


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About John…

John is a happy fellow. Complicated to an extent. John believes in God, but when nobody is looking he takes a minute to make an attempt at figuring out who and what God is and what the meaning of life might be. John is a naturist. A realist. Sometimes he is a tourist. He hates when people spell his name “J-o-n”. He finds it annoying that the “h” is so often left out. John is a romantic,  however he sees no future of love for himself. Only others. John is a poet. A dreamer. A catalyst. He is, at times, a rather sensible man. A planner. John is a walking contradiction. John takes time to laugh at the most inopportune times. He loves spontaneity. But John hates surprises. What is John to do? Ha. Silly John.   What have you done?

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New Day, New year…

Day one of year 2011. It always starts with resolutions that never get met, new plans that are never followed through, and new ideas that never find their way to reality.

This year is going to be a little different I think. With life in general, I’m very happy. I do not feel like I need to make a lot of changes with the new year. I have a amazing husband, the best pets ever, a job I really love.. what else is there?

Well, there is California air….but since I’m not lucky enough to have that, it’s beside the point.

There are three things I will be planning for this year. They are all pretty realistic so unless some stands in the way, I see no reason not to accomplish them.

1- Get healthy; I want to lose weight and be happy and with who I am physically. Being overweight is like opening the doors to all kinds of problems. Diabetes, asthma, cancers, headaches… more importantly, it could be a leading cause for us to not get pregnant. For one, we want to be happy healthy parents who can handle the energy that comes with toddlers without being so over breath we cant chase them down and play with them. For two, having PCOS is hard enough. Adding being overweight only makes it harder to get pregnant.

2- Which brings me two number two… BABIES. Well, one. It would be so nice to be pregnant by Christmas. That means that by Christmas of 2012, we could be celebrating our first Christmas as a little family. This is an exciting idea to me. Assuming of course that Steve feels the same. 🙂

3- Not live with Steves mom. The plan is for her to move out and use take over the house payment. A single wide mobile home with 3 bedrooms and a fenced yard is a perfect starter home. Low payments, a place for our little zoo, and enough bedrooms for a couple kids! But starting a family while living with the mother-in-law is not really how I see our future. She plans to move out May/June…and that is acceptable. I can’t wait for us to live alone again and start our home together.

And thats it. Thats all I need or want right now (besides California air). Add all that to my current happiness and I will be so happy and content with my life… there is no way to make it better from there.

So let’s talk about this last year! I have compiled a mental list of the top 10 things about 2010 that changed my life. No matter how large or small, everything on the list is significant.

1- The earliest best thing EVER is Pancake. I never really cared much for rats. I thought they were disgusting. They have these weird feet and thick, dry, gross looking tales.. Mice are cute. Tiny and soft. But one day when we were walking through Petco, I saw some rats and and just decided I wanted one. No real reason for the change of opinion or anything… some worker comes and tells us we can come get a baby from her. We did, and it died like a week later. But if it werent for me loving to hold him… I would not have realized how much I just love rats, and I never would have found Pancake. I just think of him and my heart feels like it is going to burst and my eyes tear up… I got Smeagol later on.. a hairless companion for him… but he is not as amazing at all.

2- I discovered that Narwhals are not fictional. And immediately fell in love.

3- Steve introduced me to Minecraft. I am not a gamer. I might play something now and then, but I dont play the way I think my husband wishes I would. However, when I met Minecraft, we were instant pals.

4- I discovered Polymer Clay. I like crafts. I enjoy sewing.  Sometimes I like to take out my pen tab and draw. But discovering polymer clay has made all the difference. Its so versatile. People make toys, decor, accessories.. There are tons of different colors and if you cannot find the color you need/want you can blend until you get the perfect shade. And even more amazing, anything can be a tool. There are all sorts of household items that can be used as a tool. It’s pretty fantastic.

5- I married Steve. He is a fantastic husband. Even when I’m being a huge pain in the ass, he still does what he can to make me happy. Even if that means me getting a new pet or spending all our money on a new craft idea I have…he still makes it happen. I got lucky. We had the most amazing honeymoon…

6- I saw the ocean. I touched it, smelled it, tasted it, and I dreaded coming back home to a state that doesnt have it. Of course, the taste wasnt fantastic or anything… in fact I felt like my lungs were on fire when I first unintentionally swallowed it, but everything else about it was so amazing. One day we will be close enough to visit every day.

7- We adopted Zombie. I used to work for a nanny who had this cat that was so amazing. She had named him Sinatra. He belonged more to her husband. He was always shut out from rooms and hardly received any affection at all. When she and her husband decided to get a divorce, he was left even less attention and she needed to find a new home from him. Since she knew Steve and I loved the cat, she tried us before dropping him at the humane society. Of course we said yes. We renamed him Zombie and since then he has been so happy. He gets all the love he wants, Milo is excited to have a playmate again, and he gets to lick all the hair he wants (people hair is like crack to him. He just licks and licks and licks and when he wants attention, its mostly to get closer to your scalp).

8- I got a job I love working at SendOutCards. It’s in customer service, which I had never intended to stay in, but the place is such a nice place to work that I don’t mind. And besides, its a growing company 🙂 Getting this job introduced me to some wonderful people that I love. Not to mention my husband started working there a few months later, allowing me to see him all the time instead of working apart from him.

9-  I reconnected with a few old friends. Ones I had lost along the way for one reason or another. Its fun to reconnect with the past sometimes, and even better to start rebuilding the friendship that used to be there but fell apart.

10- I realized how happy I am.  Its almost overwhelming. In fact, Im so happy sometimes I could barf. I sure do love my husband. ❤

Well, I have a few other things to do so I should probably stop now. But until next time, Happy New Year!


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Dear Husband…

Happy birthday! Boy are you old… gray hairs and all. That’s ok. I still love you. And Merry Christmas! Really both of these are the first as a married couple and that is fantastic. Although I fail at judging shipping so that you gifts are here on time, I know you will love them all the same. And wow did you do great with my Christmas! magicorn, narwhal, zombies, harry potter and jewelry! And little things I have mentioned… I guess  I can never REALLY accuse you of not listening…. 😉

This blog post is just meant as another way to tell you I love you. This is the first of many happy and wonderful married Christmases we will share and I am so excited for each one. We are just starting the first but I cant wait for the 20th…or 50th… and with the next really big step being BABIES, that only heightens my excitement.

You are amazing. Thoughtful. Dependable. Funny. Smart. Always doing what you can to make me happy no matter how high maintenance I can be. Putting up with my craziness. Being dorky with me. And just loving me. I could not ever imagine there being a better husband than you. Best friend, best husband, and SOON the best father.

I love you husband. With my whole self and with our entire future in mind. I am so happy that I am the girl you chose to grow old with.

Merry first married Christmas and old balls birthday! ❤

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A blog from my new equipment!

At the beginning of the year, I had started this blog with a plan to blog every day. I had a theme planned for each month and would write about only that theme within that month. I started with “top ten” posts and by the end of that month I had already slowed down the blogging. I have a few different blogs that I also started throughout the last year and have also posted in very rarely and for one even just stopped after one single post. In June. Awesome.

So, I am not going to promise anymore posts at all this year. My next post, which I CAN promise will be in January. My plan of course is to post a blog recapping 2010 and everything I loved about it, and then moving on to resolutions. How original right? Yeah yeah… I know there will be hundreds upon thousands of similar blogs. But that changes nothing. That is still what you can expect. Take it or leave it. Well, I would rather you take it. I love seeing the building numbers of readers.

So Christmas is coming up and Steve and I have not had a chance to really spoil ourselves since we have been together. So we decided to take this year and just buy whatever we want.  So for Steve, he just had to have a huge monitor. So he got a… 26 inch I think… its like a few inches smaller than our TV and a huge distraction when I am watching something..I see this huge screen in the corner of my eye. Plus he sits like a foot away from it so I’m positive he is going to go blind and I have warned him that I will not assist him with anything a few years from now when he can no longer see. Between this huge monitor and his old age (I found a WHITE hair in his beard), he is bound to go blind soon.

Also, I now want a a massive monitor.

Anyways, that and a couple computer parts or something… that is what he decided on. For me, I wanted a laptop. Not just any laptop. I wanted the Samsung QX410. Not too heavy, very sleek, the keys were spaced apart so there was a nice little gap between each one..perfect little squares… and it would be able to hand Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator without getting choppy or laggy at all. Even if they were going at the same time. I did not exactly need a laptop since we both have desktops, but I wanted one so that I can use my pen tab no matter where I am.

But then we went to the pet store and right there in front of us, as if meant to be, was a cage with two little baby ferrets. One with the bandit face and one completely white/yellow. I have been begging Steve for a ferret the entire time we have been together. We went looking for a cage while I contemplated which one I want.. and went to another pet store where they had hedgehogs! So then my decisions was tough…but only for a few minutes. I held the hedgehog and loved it…but of course they are not snuggly and soft. The moment he moved in my hand, three quills stabbed me. It felt like needles and it was not pleasant at all. So I got a ferret! The white/yellow one. He is male…so he should get very lovey and FAT and lazy. For a ferret anyways. I have yet to name him.

And also got a netbook. Since I decided my main purpose for it would be blogging and stuff anyways, this was a much smarter purchase. And Im using it to blog right now!

Well, I need to give my ferret some loves and try to teach him not to nip. So until 2011, possibly sooner but no guarantee, goodnight world!

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Well, back to reality… what a bummer.

So as most of you know, Steve and I were married on September 1st at the Chapel of Flowers in Las Vegas, NV. It was amazing. So how about a walk through?

August 31st – 9:45 am – 0 miles.

With the car completely stuffed with wedding stuff, vacation stuff, and a super rad cooler… the back seats down to make room and a bunch of stuff even on my lap… we left home and started making our way towards the fabulous Las Vegas. Mockingjay, a book we have both been anticipating, was ready to listen to and the GPS looking fancy and helpful.

About an hour into the trip with like…7 more to go, I was sick of the drive. Sigh. What a long trip this was going to be. I do hate car rides.

We crossed the Arizona border at 2:22 pm and 314 miles, then entered Nevada at 2:47 pm and 344 miles, reaching Las Vegas at 4:03 pm and 428 miles. It was a LONG drive. The scenery was not impressive. The air was dry. However, I was excited to see cactus. Not just the little jumbles of it that grow in Utah deserts, but tall skinny stuff. It was ugly, but cool to see. And the colors of the dirt and mountains just kept changing from shades of browns to shades of red.

Getting out of the car when we got to our hotel, The Stratosphere, felt like I was being smothered. The air was hot and dry and uncomfortable to breath. But we were OUT OF UTAH!!! WOO HOO!!

Steve and I had separate rooms the first night. We went to my room first. It was pretty nice. A huge soft bed, tons of pillows, and a huge jetted tub. Perfect for relaxing the night before. Steve’s was a different story. The building he was in smelled musty, the bed was still big but not as soft, and the tub just did not compare. Of course, that made me giggle. He did however, have a much nicer TV.

That night, still 8/31, we had dinner with his mom Laura, brother Nick, and uncle Tim at a buffet in the Mirage hotel. They had a hue variety of food and it was not too bad tasting for a buffet. But ignoring the actual food, there were like 6 different gelatos. It was amazing. Later on, Steve and I went up to the “top of the world” which was really just going to the highest floor of the stratosphere hotel. It was… 109 floors up I think? And breathtaking. It was one of the better things we did in Vegas. Afterwards we went off to bed.

September 1st – Vegas – wedding day.

Steve and his mom came to my room to get ready while my mom was helping me. Laura ironed Steves clothes while he was taking pictures of me getting ready.. my mom did my hair, steamed the wrinkles out of my dress, and helped me get my shoes on. My hair took forever! Afterwards, we took pictures of Steve getting ready. Just to make sure that we captured everything! His mother helped him with his button hole and we were off! (yes, steve did see me in my dress prior to the wedding. Can you believe there was a $70 additional charge to be kept in separate rooms for a few minutes before the ceremony? what a joke.)

When we got to the chapel, it was somewhat rushed. Of course, they do so many a day. We signed the papers, told them it was ok to put our ceremony online for ppl to watch for a few hours, met with our minister, set up the sand, got in our places… and then our song started.

We had our song, Chasing Cars, playing throughout the time there. As soon as the music changed, I heard my mom start to cry. I put my hand through Robs arm and he walked me down the aisle. I watched as Steves eyes immediately started to tear up. This was unexpected since he had already seen me, but it was good. I was glad he was emotional. As I looked around, I saw my Grandma teary, and Steve’s parents teary, and everyone else smiling. It was super cute. Rob gave me to Steve and everyone was seated. It was the happiest few minutes of my life… walked toward my soon to be husband and seeing him happy enough that he was about to cry at the idea of me being his wife. It was perfect. The minister was wonderful. We exchanged rings and did our unity ceremony with the sand, and were pronounced husband and wife. I was shaky, nervous, but now could finally breath. Everything was just perfect.

We had some pictures taken…. or TONS of pictures taken, then everyone left to get changed and meet for lunch. We checked in to our super awesome hotel room, changed, then headed to IHOP. I should mention that our room was a mini suite. A little living room, a HUGE bed, and the biggest bathroom I have ever seen with two sinks, a glass shower, and a tub specifically made to two. Also jetted. There were doors on the other side of the tub that you could open. Once opened, it became a part of the living room. We could watch TV in the tub if we wanted. But… who has time for that 😉

We gambled a little….and won nothing.

We had lunch with everyone minus Steves dad, step mom and aunt Jackie at IHOP. Not the best food. But I do love breakfast and my french toast was delish. It was so nice spending all the time with everyone. Everyone was HAPPY and laughing. This day had ended up being completely stress free for us. Thank God. Afterwards, we left to find out that our car had been vandalized. Not really. But mom and Rob really had a good time with window chalk.

Later that night we had dinner with the missing people from lunch, plus Nick and Dave. Nick convinced me to try something that looked similar to a peeled grape. I popped it in my mouth, and right away regretted it. Thanks Nick.

Our hotel room was perfect. I already described it. But just to emphasize, wedding nights are pretty rad. 😉

September 2nd.

We had lunch with all of the Cochrans at the same buffet again. This was the last time we would be spending with them in Vegas. Afterwards, we walked the strip. We left the Mirage, found our way to Caesars Palace, explored the entire inside which was immaculate and fancy all the way through. I dropped a quarter in the fountain and made a wish for big winnings when we gambled. We went to the coke factory and tried 16 different colas from around the world,

headed next door to the M&M factory, Steve got his picture with Spider Man and Batman,

and then we took a Taxi home! A Taxi! I was excited. And it was super nice and so was the driver.

When we got back to our room we ordered room service… my salad was huge and the dressing sucked. Steves food looked good, plus he got mini bottles of ketchup, mayo, and mustard. So cute I had to bring them home and keep them.

Later that night we went over to the Bellagio to watch the dancing lights/water…whatever its called. It was amazing! We stayed for 3 shows and then on our way out, they did a 4th with the song Viva Las Vegas from my soul mate… ELVIS!! So of course we stayed and watched that one as well.

We went back to our rooms and took mom, rob, and wys up to the top of the tower so they could see how amazing it was. They went on some rides and we went back to our room.

On the way there, we gambled a little more. Again, won nothing.

September 3rd – California- 12:27 pm and 528 miles.

So we FINALLY cross the state line into California. How exciting! Except that it was still super horrible heat and tons of desert and cactus everywhere. I guess I just thought that once we passed the California sign that it would be cool weather and pretty beaches. Guess I thought wrong. at 539 miles, just barely into California, we started hearing a weird thumping noise. We slowed to a stop, and the noise stopped. It didnt feel like a flat but Steve got out and checked anyways. Nothing. So he gets in and we start driving again. Thump thump thump… wtf. So we stop again and Steve discovers that though we do not exactly have a flat, the tire has been ruined.

We left Utah knowing we needed to change our tires. When we went to get it inspected, the guy told us new windshield, new mirror, and 4 new tires in order to pass. This mean we did not license our car again as it would have cost us our entire honeymoon to do so. So… knowing there might be a problem… we left. I should add that I convinced Steve not to worry about the tires.

Anyways, there was a long piece of the tire just peeling away from the rest of it. You could see the wires poking out. If we had simply cut it off, or not even heard the thumping, the tire would have blown. So in the horrible heat, Steve changed the tire, put on the donut, and we were off to find a place with the right tire.

We came to a little place in Baker that had one, so we paid $150 to replace that, and since the other tire was just as bad, we replaced that one at another little place a half mile down the road for another $150. Great. $300 out of our budget spent on stupid tires. LAME. But, we were off!

At 7:07 pm and 832 miles, I got my first view of the ocean. It was foggy… but still there and just as exciting. The weather had gone from dry and hot to cool and slightly humid and it felt amazing. A half hour later we checked into our room at the Days Inn and another 20 minutes later we were out the door so I could see the ocean. We headed over to Mission Beach.. Of course, it was dark and I wasnt going to get the best view ever, but when we got there, it was still mind blowing. The feel of the sand between my toes, the coldness of the water on the shore… every time the water came up over my feet, i sunk a little lower until I was ankle deep in the wet sand. It was pretty cool. Even in the dark with the water super black, it was amazing. I couldnt wait to see it in the light.

We gathered some sand in a zip lock bag – no shells – and went back up to have some dinner, and of course, a funnel cake.

September 4th.

Well, the bed wasnt amazing, the bath tub wasnt amazing, but it was still good sleep. We woke up around 10, and headed to La Jolla (hoy-uh) beach. On the way we stopped for goggles and boogie boards. When we got there it was CROWDED. But we were able to find a decent spot to set our things. I watched Steve head in to the water… still too scared to go in too deep. I wasnt actually sure that I would go more than ankle deep, let alone take a boogie board out there. I watched him a few times jumping over waves and stuff.. and then finally I decided to try. So when Steve came back I went out there with him. He made it look so easy. Everytime a wave came that wasnt worth trying to ride, he jumped. That way the water just lifted him up. When I got out there, however, it was a whole different story. The first few little ones were easy. But the further I went out, the harder it was. Then came one that knocked me off my feet and pushed me 5 feet closer to the shore again. I instantly knew I had just gulped half the ocean. I was gagging, coughing, and my throat was on fire. I thought was going to throw up. Of course, Steve just laughed. I tried keeping my mouth closed, and instead it would go up my nose and down my throat. We were out there for about a half hour… the water was nice when it wasnt choking me, and I really didnt want to leave… except that just trying to stay still was a giant work out and I was exhausted. So we collected some sand and left, again with no shells.

September 5th.

We went back to La Jolla this day. Not to swim but to look around. When we got there, we saw a shop that had a sign for a cave entrance. So, we paid to have a look. We walked down this little staircase in the store that turned into steps down a tunnel. They were super steep, narrow, small, and slippery. There was only room for one person at a time. With as careful and as slow as you needed to go, it probably took about 15 minutes to get to the bottom of the 145 steps. Once we got to the bottom, we had to duck under a ridge and finally made our way into the opening. It was a small cave. And that’s pretty much it. We would never do it again as it was not that amazing, nor was it worth paying for or worth the climb back up those tiny slippery narrow steps.

When we got out, we just walked along the path that went around the area. We saw sea lions and pelicans.. tons of people snorkeling and kayaking.. and we came to a spot that had a man in a speedo… just laying out… so of course I took a picture and left it as a surprise for Steve on the camera. He loved it. 🙂

After exploring La Jolla, we went to Seaport Village. This is one of my favorite places we saw while there. We ate at Harbor House out on the patio… it was soo nice. This patio was surrounded by glass and looked out right over the bay. The food was ok, but the view was worth the dining I think. Afterwards we did a little shopping. I found a matryoshka doll in a viking type store. Steve somehow saw a quarter sized horse that looks totally like a pinata… and had to have it. What a retard.

September 6th.

Sea World! This was amazing! The dolphin show was okay, free willy was okay… but the sea lions were amazing! The show was super cute and feeding them was adorable!  So, as I picked up one tiny fish to give to him, a crazy ass bird swooped in and tried to take it. The stupid thing missed the fish and instead got my finger, cutting it and making me bleed in two places. Stupid bird.

But the sea lion was just barking and barking… so cute.  And then we also fed the Bat Rays! When you hold the fish in the water, the ray swims over your hand and you can feel a sort of suction feeling as it slurps the food out of your hand. The flamingos kept fighting over food, the Walrus and Belugas were so neat, and I got a fun hat. Really just a white summer hat to help keep my scalp from burning… but it was fun. More fun because Steve had never been there either.

September 7th.

This day was meant to be rest. We were so sore. Every muscle in my legs ached and my feet screamed in pain to stand on them. I took a hot bath, and a lot of the pain went away. So later that afternoon, we went out again. This time we went to Coronado Island. Immediately I knew this is a place we needed to live. We have always talked about living in California, but this little island was amazing. It was sooo cute… and the houses were amazing. We gathered sand, finally found some shells, and took some pictures. While Steve was in the restroom, I suddenly hear a bunch of kids start screaming “Shark! shark!”. Now, I have been terrified of going in the ocean because of the very idea of a shark eating me. So even though I am less than ankle deep, I immediately back out until I’m on dry sand. I look out where they are pointing, and sure enough I see a dark pointed fin poking up from the water. And then another, and then one more. Which then led me to believe they were not sharks, but actually dolphins. So I was safe to put my toes back in the water.

Later we went back to Seaport Village and ate at a different little restaurant. We bought a few more souvenirs… one place was super cute. It was called Captains Cove. This place was full of everything nautical; mermaids, pirates, treasures, fish… Since I had not found any sea glass at this point, we bought some mock stuff that was just as good in my book. At some point we came to a shop full of shells and what not… Steve, of course, found a tiny quarter sized seagull and had to have it. So… thats it for the only two things he picked out the entire time. What a retard.

September 8th.

Our last day in San Diego. Actually, we had planned to leave a couple days before, but then we found out that Steves grandma had passed away. So this did prevent us from going up to San Fransisco and seeing China Town and Little Italy…and Pier 49.. and all that stuff…. but honestly, Im glad. I mean, I wanted to see all that. It would have been fun, but since we had not seen any tide pools yet, we spent this last day at Cabrillo park playing in the tide pool there. We found so many intact and large shells, saw hundreds of little crabs in rock crevices, Steve saved a snail, and we saw these giant sea slug things. One was on dry rock instead of in water and we thought it was going to die. So Steve tried to save it.

I found a clam shell…the two pieces still connected, just empty. I thought that was really neat. There were a few anemone and we walked all over some weird squishy things… I felt bad but its too hard to avoid with them being everywhere. And against the cliff were just thousands and thousands of shells with little critters hanging on. And hermit crabs!

I think the tide pool was my favorite part. Everything was so neat. I wish we could have seen more of that stuff.

Of I forgot to mention that squirrel! There was a squirrel we were feeding before we hiked to the tide pool. It was super cute.

After, we went up the hill and had lunch. It was amazing. We set out our picnic blanket and glasses and ate sandwiches and chips. Then we had some really icky champagne.. all with an amazing view of the ocean. It was mind blowing to think that we were right on the edge of the country.

And then….at 6:40 pm and 1150 miles… we packed our car and checked out that day. We were on our way to Simi Valley for his Grandmas funeral.

Simi Valley – 9:23 pm and 1370 miles.

September 9th.

The funeral was short. It was held at a pretty cemetery on the side of a hill. After, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant with lighting so low you could barely read the menu. They had fried ice cream… I have been talking this dessert up since Steve and I started dating 3 years ago.. finally he could try it. And of course, he loved it. Thats because its amazing. Later, Vicki, Steve, Laura, Dana and I went and played bingo. No, we did not win. I am positive that the wish I made for good winnings in Vegas totally jinxed us.

September 10th.

After going through some of his grandmas paintings and photos and stuff, we headed home. We got out of California at 4:08 pm and 1648 miles. We did stop in Vegas long enough for Steve to gamble a little more, lose a little more, and pick some oysters… I chose two and got a big blue colored pearl and a white/gold colored pearl. It was pretty neat. We pulled into our driveway at 3:16 am (Saturday morning) and 2131 miles.

Our honeymoon was over. 😦

A few things I did not mention… We ate at this amazing little mexican place one of the days called Super Sergios. It was sooo good. On our wedding day was the first time I had met most of Steves California family. I met Tim and Nick the day before, and everyone else the day of. They were all amazing. I met Andrea when we got to Simi Valley. There are still a few I havent been able to meet but Im sure they are equally as amazing as the rest of the family.

So…. thats our trip in a nutshell. Steve looked at the average cost of homes on Coronado Island… AVERAGE is 1.7 Million…. I guess that is not our future home. One can dream though right?

Longest blog ever.

June 17th-ish…I believe… thats about as far back as I need to go with some updates. So… let’s see what has happened..

Well, I guess nothing really until July. So on July 2nd I went to visit dearest Tomi again. We had made plans to go see Ecplise. She was definitely right about my next visit being better…. zero drama. So lovely. So she again made an amazing dinner that consisted of the best mac and cheese ever and some yummy teriyaki chicken. And desert… pineapple upside down cupcakes! They were soo yummy. That night we saw Eclipse with her mom and grandma. Did I mention I have decided to be Team Jacob? After seeing it twice in the same week, there was no way not to be. I had missed Tomis birthday so I brought her a giant cupcake silicone bakeware. So the next day, she made a super cute giant cupcake with whipped filling and we dipped like a thousand star shaped marshmallows in chocolate and sprinkles for her to place on top for a festive 4th of July cake. It was sooo cute!

Later, we bought loads of candy and rented a few movies. By the end of the night I felt pretty sick from the sugar, but it was worth it. I even started turning into a Zombie, which of course is my life long dream.

Since then, I have been working loads of overtime. Steve is working here too and between the both of us being exempt and working all the overtime we can get, we are definitely money bags.

We paid for my dress, bought some green orchids for the bouquets my mom is making, and we have decided to POSSIBLY get a netbook so that I can blog about our honeymoon each night while everything is super fresh. We are borrowing his dads amazing camera to take some fantastic photos… I just know that once I see the ocean I wont even want to leave. Maybe I should just give my work notice now. 🙂

So fast forward to August… Most of the wedding has been taken care of. Infact, we are pretty much all set except for a few things like Steve’s outfit and stuff… which we will really be finishing up over the weekend. My bouquet will be done Saturday, so that will complete everything floral, my dress *might* be hemmed Sunday. We’ll see. I have my aunt doing that and we have not really set a time for it.

So far, the gifts have been great! Everything we put on our registry is something we will certainly use, plus we have gotten a few things that were NOT on the registry, but a pleasant surprise none the less. So, still things we just love. The bridal shower with my family was pretty much perfect. There were a couple things that annoyed me that I dont feel I should mention here… more than likely, I have already mentioned it anyways. But it was so nice to see family that I haven’t seen in years. My mom and aunt put a lot of work into it and that was completely obvious. Tomi even came all the way from Price just to be there for a couple hours and head back super late, probably not getting home until like 2-3 in the morning.

I need to talk about Tomi a little later, so remind me 😉

I have a bridal shower tonight with Steve’s family. It’s so nice of them to be doing something for us like this. He has such a nice, super close family. I really love them like my own family and feel so privileged to know them all.

Then Saturday, I found that our wonderful coworkers are doing a shower here! I know everyone here seems pretty close, and I love the people I work with. However, that was unexpected. I have only been there since March and tend to be a little on the shy side so it has taken a LONG time to really start getting chatty. Don’t ask me why. Everyone here is super nice and super funny. Anyways, it came as a pleasant surprise that that was the plan. And even better that it was co/ed so both Steve and I can be present rather than just me. Kathy, who is super adorable, even got us something! And not just anything, a double boiler! I’m pretty thrilled with that. 🙂

Speaking of work… can I just say, I love my job? Yes, it is a call center… which I have been trying to get away from. But its not like any other call center I have worked in. Its like, everyone actually works as a team. There is not a ridiculous level of lack of communication between departments, there is *almost* never someone raising their voice in frustration… There are people in upper management who make a point to say hello to everyone as they walk through and ask how calls are going. The meetings are on schedule, and appreciation for a job well done is shown. And everyone is always smiling. That is a rare thing in most call centers. Of course, we do have to take calls all day, and do our share of emails and all that fun stuff. It can get really busy and really hectic.. but it just doesnt feel like the average miserable call center taking nothing but angry calls. Why? Because as it turns out, this is a service provided that people who use it LOVE. So although I never imagined making a career out of taking calls, I dont see ever leaving this job. Unless I get fired. Which  I don’t think will happen due to me being so rad. 🙂

So anyways, back to Tomi. I dont think I have really mentioned her in full detail in the past, so here it is. She is crafty, fun, crazy, weird, a total nerd, an amazing baker, covered in ink, has the cutest little family, and can be a bitch in the best way. It’s funny how much I love her being that I just hated her so much when I met her. Im hoping to have her convinced to move out here soon. There are a thousand reasons why she should. So, one day I will just show up with boxes and start packing for her. Then she will have no choice. Anyways, the reason I wanted to talk about her, besides the reason being she is so amazing, is because for my bridal shower, her gift to me was soooo cute. She gave me a vase filled with cooking utensils and paper flowers that she made! The bottom of the face she layered with tiny paper stars. I would not have the patience for this project. Maybe the flowers… though I would stop at one… but not the stars. They are so small and she made so many.. I loved them so much I had to bring them to work to make my desk look super cheery! Every single girl who has seen them has thought they were so amazing. So, I thought I would share them here. Have a look!

Ok, well that’s all for right now. Sorry it took so long to post something. Although I dont have tons of subscribers, I  do have tons of readers, which is pretty neat. Anyways, until next time, see ya later World!

A blog about bloggers who blog…

Not really. I just wanted a catchy title.  Well, it worked didnt it?

I have had this need for the last week to take a moment and post a blog completely centered on me bragging about my life. I have not really had a chance to do so, so I have decided to take a moment before starting my work shift to finally just take the time. Well, now that I’m here, bragging isn’t really what I’m in the mood for. Now I am just annoyed and feel a stronger desire to rant. So, take a deep breath, and proceed.

Famous Footwear. We discovered this is where we would find Steves flip-flops. The ones he just has to have because no others compare. Just plain old black nike flip-flops.  Every summer we run around to a thousand different stores looking for them because he can never remember which one he got them from the year before. Now, when I say every other summer, I mean two summers ago and possibly this summer. Actually, maybe it was last summer. I guess I don’t remember. To prevent that from being the case this year, I searched online and found them at Famous Footwear. So we headed over and bought them, and everything was great.

Last week, I finally went there to buy Shape Up shoes. I could have ordered them from Amazon or Skechers themselves, but since I could just walk in and get these, that was much better. The ones I bought ended up being too small, and the ones I replaced them with were too big. I really wanted the Mary Jane style, so I replaced them once again last Thursday. To get those in my size, they needed to be ordered. So the store orders them for me, tells me there are some in American Fork. I assume that means it will take no more than 3 days to get them but they could still take ten. So I wait.

Yesterday afternoon, I get a call from Famous Footwear telling me that my shoes are not in stock anywhere in Utah and there are none in the warehouse in that size. I should mention this is almost a week after I place the stupid order. Then she tells me that even though we paid with a credit card, it will be refunded in the form of a check. Super annoying, but thats ok. THEN she goes a step further and tells me to expect that check in 15 days! Are you kidding me? 15 days. Not only did it take them a week to realize they dont have the shoes, but now it will take 15 days to be reimbursed. But its ok because she is giving me a 20% discount code for the inconvenience of them  being out of stock. Yeah…. I guess I plan to re-order from them right? That is a total of 21 days waiting on this place. What a joke. You best believe I wrote them a nice long letter of complaint.

Okay. Ranting is over now. Moving forward….

Steve bought me a super rad package to the Sanctuary Spa. It’s pretty much amazing. Five different visits for a facial, manicure, pedicure, massage, hair cut/color/style, scalp massage, waxing, and the use of the steam room on each visit….  Yeah, I think that is something to be excited about. I think I will be using it the week before our wedding. What a good week that will be. I have such a good fiance. ❤

On May 28th, I went out to Price. I have blogged once since then so I’m not sure how I failed to mention it. For the most part, it was fun. There was a ridiculous amount of drama…. but aside from that and staying with the person I did the first night… it was great! I stopped on my way in to visit Tomi-Bo-Bomi. She made yummy enchiladas and chocolate covered strawberries. Plus, she had Dr. Pepper. She gave me an “I’m a gleek” shirt, which I found super exciting, and rad watch. Which I am currently wearing as I type. I must say, her and Tyson are adorable, their house is adorable, and their offspring is adorable. Ryley is quite possibly one of the cutest kids I have ever seen.

We went to a hair flair/glitter toes party. At first I loved my flair. But after a few days, I tore it out of my head taking 4-5 strands of hair with every piece I pulled out. When I brushed my hair, it would actually pull down on one end, making one like 8 inches long and the other end only 2 inches long. And the knots at the roots felt like little scabs. So, I do think they are super cute for kids… but as a grown up, I think I will refrain myself from trying them out again. As for the glitter toes, Tomi got hers done in this super cute neon pink. I was uber jealous as my toe nails are entirely too small to pay to have painted. But they looked amazing.

I stayed at Tomi’s my last night there, and it was a million times better. I was not ready to leave when I did, but I can’t say I left there missing Price. Although I love small places, it just feels dirty there. Perhaps because of the memories of everyone I used to associate with… I just wish I could bundle up the couple friends I have left there and bring them here. They are who I miss. One day I will have Tomi convinced to move here. 😦

Did I mention the girl I originally stayed with, not only had a bad smell, but she was sick? I spent the entire next week home so sick and miserable. I missed 2 days of work and if money would allow it, would have missed a couple more. In only 2 days I went through 3 rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose, a box of theraflu, a bottle of nyquil, and most of my cough drops. Today,  19 days after getting home, I’m still spending most of the night coughing. My ribs still ache from how hard I cough and I still have a hard time breathing at night. I have to constantly mute my phone at work so the customers do not hear my horrible coughing. Seriously… how does it last this long?

So I was having a conversation with steve through email about whether or not I was going to play that Star Wars game with him when it came out.  For anyone who doesnt already know, he is a major gamer and cant even breath without something to play. At first, he was very consistent with WoW. That eventually died off after what… like 5 years? I dont know.  A really long time. Then Aion came out and I was playing that with him. It was fun. I got bored pretty quick though. But, I’m not a big gamer.  Steve didnt play long either. He picked Magic back up (yes, I am talking about Magic the Gathering….as embarrassing as that is…). And a few other games came and went as he played them and finished them within a week or two. But lately he has been dying for a new MMO and seems to be losing it. Anyways, I just wanted to share this excerpt from our conversation. Here, we were talking about having Fable 2 mailed so I can replay it::::

“i’ll put it on the list after this next game gets sent out.  i need to mail it pronto.  hopefully i get final fantasy or something.  i really need something progressive to play again.  i need like a game that lets me advance a character or something, and i need it quick.  otherwise i’ll go back to wow or something and i don’t really want to, buti have this need that needs to be filled or i’m going to go crazy.”

I just thought it was funny. It is quite possibly the most nerdy/geeky thing he has every really said, so I wanted to share it.

Also, I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned how terrible his memory is, but I do make fun of him for forgetting everything including how to breath. So, here is a little email he sent me:::

Subject of this email: 2 things

“1 – don’t forget to fax that paper

2 – loves baby (i forgot the second thing by the time i typed this)”

Anyways, moving on…
We have decided on a road trip type honeymoon covering most of California. A lot of beach time, Sea World, Six Flags… etc. My main interest, however, is in the beach. Collecting sand and shells from each beach we visit, seeing tide pools… all the pretty parts of nature. I can only thing of sand, shells, and sea glass to collect though. Any other ideas?
Until another day, more than likely a month from now, see ya later World!

What should I title this….?

You know those people that you have in your life that you know are totally superficial but you just hate the idea of them hating you for kicking them to the curb..? I pretty much hate those people. And not really hate. I can only think of like 2 people or something that I absolutely hate. Those people would by my brothers ex and Sylvester Stalone. So I guess when I say I hate those kinds of people that tend to linger in my life and only come around when they want something, or when they think their opinion is worth hearing… I really mean extremely dislike.

Now and then, I go through this “cleansing” process where I just feel like simplifying my life. I take all of those people that I dont talk to anymore, and decide if I should never talk to them again, or if I should start working on rebuilding the relationship that managed to get lost somewhere along the line. I decide this by figuring out who is a downer and who is a happiness drug.

For example, Steve is a happy drug. Tomi is happy drug. Abbie is a happy drug. Graham is a happy drug. Amy is a downer. Bill is a downer.

I guess I must be the worlds biggest hag for naming names and stuff… but eh, who cares. I dont talk to them so I dont think it really matters. They wont see the updates that I have posted a new blog.  And besides, they know I dislike them. And in return, they dislike me. And that’s ok. The issue in this little cleanse is that people who have been in my life a very long time, are some of those people that I dont want there anymore. I would like to say that because I dont want them there, I dont care, but that would be lying. I completely miss the relationship that was there before. And change is pretty tough when only one of you are changing. I hope that my changes are thought to be for the best, though in my opinion theirs were not. But such is life, I suppose.

Anyways…. I dont actually want to talk about that. More about the current person that is annoying the crap out of me. I won’t give away any real details as I have yet to decide what to do about it. But I will say they are totally fake, lie through their teeth whenever the situation suits them, and only pop up when they realize someone you both know is talking to you more than them. It tends to be a pattern of sorts. And it’s a shame. I have had a roller coastering opinion of them for some time and I have pretty much decided that they are simply too annoying. When I liked them, I liked them a lot. But it was for such a short time… as if in this small period of time I was unaware of how superficial they are. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the most honest person in the world nor am I the easiest to get along with. But two faced is something I certainly am not.

Anyways, I don’t know why this came up. I’m just chillin like ice cream fillin at work and the thought came to me that I am seriously annoyed right now. I didn’t even know how annoyed I am until I started typing. And so this has gone on and on with me rambling…. admit it. You like when I ramble. 😉

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